Leo Tube Bandanna
Leo Tube Bandanna
Leo Tube Bandanna
Leo Tube Bandanna
Leo Tube Bandanna

Leo Tube Bandanna

 Introducing 'INCOGNITO' our range of unisex face masks and tube bandannas. 

As we enter this new way of living, let's adapt in style. 

For now, our incognito masks may be used for our outdoor necessities. However, they can also be used as your perfect festival accessory in the future. 

$5 of every face mask and tube bandanna sold will be donated to FOODBANK AUSTRALIA, who will help put food on the table for those particularly vulnerable in this crisis. 

We are offering FREE STANDARD SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE on all face masks and tube bandannas. This will be calculated at the checkout if purchasing one of these items (for overseas orders, normal shipping rates apply) 

All our masks are being handmade at home, in Australia. 

PLEASE NOTE: Our Masks do not completely protect you from viruses such as Covid-19 , but any mask in general can certainly help make a difference in protecting you and those around you. I'm sure we have all recently realised how much we actually touch our faces. 

Our masks and bandannas can be worn on top of disposable masks. 

*These are not surgical grade masks*

Please if you have any allergies to specific fabrics please check before purchasing. 



Bandanna Dimensions: 

24cm Wide x 27cm Height 

50cm circumference, with stretch


Fabric Content: 

95% Polyester, 5% Spandex


Recommend Gentle Hand Wash