The Lost Tribe Self Care Guide

Life as we know it has changed for the meantime. We want to make sure that we are all looking after ourselves physically and mentally in one of the most challenging times. We are practicing social distancing at the moment, therefore working from home. Stuck indoors and being isolated from friends and family can most certainly takes it toll and so I wanted to make sure all my friends and family were doing things every day that assisted with a positive physical and mental health. So yesss I made a little checklist. I’ve sent this to all my friends and family and challenged us all to make sure that we are at least ticking off 3 -4 things on our checklist everyday whilst we are in isolation or social distancing ourselves. And so I decided to extend it to our beautiful tribe. Take a screenshot, print it out and put it on your wall. Even better, screenshot from here on our website and print it large - put it somewhere you can see everyday. If you're doing any of these activities and want to share them with us please #TLTSELFCARE so we can see what you guys are all getting up too and how you are looking after yourselves! DIG DEEP BABES AND STAY SAFE
Niccy C xxx